Tegan founded Overcoming Obstacles: Adaptive Ninja & Climbing in 2019 with the hopes of giving children with special needs the thrill of becoming a ninja warrior. Tegan and Janine have been running adaptive ninja classes for over 2 years, working directly with ninjas of all abilities, as well as training other coaches and volunteers.  

Tegan is a Pediatric Physical Therapist for Livingston ESA. She loves travelling and adventurous sports, including ninja, spartan racing, and rock climbing. She enjoys sharing these passions with her two young boys.


In January 2020, the State Games of Michigan granted the request of Overcoming Obstacles and Tri County Ninja gym to add an adaptive category to a ninja competition. It was a first of its kind and unlike any opportunity these kids have ever had! The kids earned medals and individualized awards and wore custom shirts with their self-selected ninja names. The kids were beaming with pride and there wasn't a dry eye in the gym!


NinjAdaptive Parent

"Adaptive Ninja is basically the coolest thing that's ever happened in Fenton. You guys are awesome!"

Friend of a Ninja

"This is absolutely the greatest thing!! His smile is amazing!"

School Nurse

"This program is wonderful! Children learning how to use their bodies to do new things. Growing their confidence in their abilities, not their disability."

Rock Star Ninja

"It makes me feel heroic, more heroic than I have ever been."

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